6966638_origPets have dental diseases and problems just like we do. On average, pets accumulate dental tartar 7x faster than we do. Many of these problems can be avoided by bringing your pet in for regular dental check ups and dental cleanings. All dental cleanings done at Raintree Animal have the option of a full set of dental radiographs. Do you suffer because of your pets horrid breath? Your pet may be suffering as well. Bad breath, plaque near the gum line and difficulty eating can all be early signs of dental disease. If dental disease goes untreated, it can lead to infection, loss of teeth and kidney and heart disease. If you believe your pet is suffering from dental disease, please call to schedule a dental cleaning and radiographs right away!

1644889_origAfter the Dental
Now that your pet has the freshest breath in town, we need to keep it that way. There are several options for at home dental care. Brushing your pet’s teeth is a great way to keep the plaque and tartar build up down to a minimum. You can either use a finger toothbrush or a pet toothbrush. There are flavored toothpastes available for your pet, because you don’t want to use human toothpaste. There are also water additives that act as a kind of mouthwash for your pet. Pets do not have the ability to spit so, they make it safe to swallow. There are also dental treats available, and specific dental diets.