Administrative Team

Kim – Practice Manager

Kim and Dr. Placke have been married since October 2008 and they met working at a clinic together in 2004. They opened the practice together soon after they got married. Kim has been a veterinary technician since 2001. She has worked at many different hospitals in both Missouri and Kansas. She brings many years of experience and schooling to the hospital. Her favorite thing about managing Raintree is keeping tabs on the interesting cases and watching pets get better. She enjoys her two dogs (Braskie and Husker), Chinchilla (Nemo), Cat (Aspen), Green-Cheeked Conure (Mango), 21 cattle out on her pasture, and spending time with her two children Tagen (daughter) and Bennett (son). She is also a member of the Kansas City Veterinary Managers Network (KCVMN).

Hunter B. – Receptionist

Hunter joined our team in February of 2017. She has a 4 year old Corgi Mix (Behr). Her favorite thing about working at the clinic is loving on all the animals that come in. She enjoys exercising, spending time with friends, and reading in her spare time.

Remmy H. – Receptionist

Remmy joined our team in October of 2015. She started out as a kennel attendant, and then moved to receptionist in November of 2017. She is going to Longview Community College currently, and transferring to UCM next year to pursue her dreams of working in the Criminal Justice field. She has two dogs (Marco and Henry). Her favorite part of the job is watching sick animals become healthy again.

Veterinary Technician and Assistants

Rachel G. – Veterinary Technician

Rachel joined Raintree’s team in the spring of 2014. Before she started here, she worked alongside the ASPCA. Rachel helped rehabilitate 60+ Pit Bulls that were rescued from a dog fighting ring in the KC metro area. She knew then that working with animals was what she was destined to do in life. She is currently going to school to become an RVT. Once she graduates, Rachel hopes to specialize in either Internal Medicine (subspecialty Oncology), or Dentistry. Her favorite thing about veterinary medicine is helping critical cases improve their quality of life. She currently has one dog named Lilah. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys her hobbies of freelancing makeup, photography, and running.

Josh V.C. – Veterinary Technician

Josh joined our team in March of 2016 as a kennel attendant while he was finishing EMT and Fire Fighter school. He is currently in Paramedic school, and will someday work for a Fire Department, but would continue working part-time here with us. Josh has 1 cat (Commander), and 1 dog (Mason). Josh loves to hike and climb in his spare time. His favorite part of the veterinary field are emergencies and orthopedic surgeries.

Amanda W. – Veterinary Technician

Amanda joined our team in May of 2017 as a Veterinary Technician. She graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences. She is hoping to get into Veterinary School at the University of Missouri in the fall of 2018. Amanda’s favorite thing about veterinary medicine is being able to assist in surgeries. She has a cat (Lilly) and a Pug Mix (Jenny). She loves reading and running in her spare time.

Boarding and Grooming Team

Alexis C. – Kennel Manager / Groomer
Alexis became a part of our team in August of 2016. She started as a kennel attendant, but has now worked her way up to being the kennel manager, as well as our groomer. She loves being able to pamper your pet and making them look immaculate! Alexis is engaged and will be getting married in June of 2018. Alexis has two Golden Retrievers (Willow and Milo), a Toy Poodle (Faith Hill), Chihuahua (Boomer), and three cats (Bristol, Daytona, and Binx). She loves bringing new additions to her family home.

Dayce B. – Kennel Attendant

Dayce joined our team in July of 2017. She is currently a senior in high school and has a dream of becoming a veterinary technician someday. She is a proud owner of a Siberian husky (Sandy). She has grown up around many animals, so this job is a dream come true to her.

Madi C. – Kennel Attendant

Madi joined our team in September of 2017. She is currently a senior in high school. Madi plans on going to nursing school in the future. She has a Havanese and a boxer (Saki).